Refill Kit - $13 Deal (1-Crystal, 3 Fragrant Oils)

Refill Kit - $13 Deal (1-Crystal, 3 Fragrant Oils)
Crystals Refill Size:

Product Details

This Starter Kit Refill Includes:

  • 1 - Unscented Crystals (Choose from small or large size)

  • 3 - .5 oz Fragrant Oils (Choose from over 160 fragrances!)

You choose the fragrances and crystal color!


Yes... Really!

Select 3 fragrance options from the menus, scroll down and click on the thumbnail images for 1 crystal color of your choice (clicking the image will automatically update the menu below), scroll down and add to cart!

Or Browse our Online Store first to take a closer look at your options before you make your selections.

Why do we offer two sizes of Crystals? We found that our out-of-state customers could save a few dollars in shipping fees by lowering the weight of our Crystals from 13oz (Large) to 7oz (Small) to keep the overall order within USPS 1lb First Class Shipping rate. The choice is yours!

Crystals: one year supply reuseable; add fragrant oil to refresh, refresh with any scent fragrant oil, color will fade over time. 

Crystals to be used with Fragrant Oils. Slows down the heat process so the Fragrant Oil does not burn, it is warmed. (no brown spot in the bottom of your dish) or if you use water with your Fragrant Oils, you no longer have to think "did the water evaporate?".

Crystals are reusable for approximately 4 months AND you can change your Fragrance each time you use it without changing Crystals!