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How do I use my Ceramic Aroma Burner?

1. Fill dish with crystals.
2. *Add pipette of a Fragrant Oil to crystals.
3. Light tea light candle.
4. Enjoy.

Please note: Water is not necessary with Crystals.

*Suggested amount of Fragrant Oil....Pipette is for a Living room or Family room size, less for Bed or Bathroom size.

Helpful Hint: Does your glass dish have a hard water build up? Use Vinegar to dissolve the build up or 409 and soft steel wool. Will not happen if you use Crystals instead of water.

How to use an Aroma-burner/Wax Pot/Diffuser?

  1. Fill dish/top of Aroma-burner with Scented Crystals.
  2. Light Tea light candle or turn on if electric.
  3. Enjoy scent.

When scent is gone DO NOT THROW Crystals away; just REFRESH with more Fragrant Oil. (can be different scent, it takes approx. 10 hours to “burn off” original scent)

Please note: Water is not necessary with crystals. Wax can be used instead of crystals. Wax can be refreshed with fragrant oil also.

What is a fragrant oil vs essential oil?

A fragrant oil is using a synthetic scent and/or essential oil, although safe on most skin types, use in moderation i.e.: dilute with water or add to favorite lotion/oil. For aroma therapy (breathing) for example our lavender will help you to relax, a citrus scent to energize and eucalyptus for breathing.

It does not have to be worn on the skin. A fragrant oil does not have a shelf life and will not grow bacteria in it.

An essential oil is a living product and has a shelf life of about 6 months, can grow bacteria in it if touched and is heat sensitive. If topically administered should not go on a pregnant persons skin as it will go into their blood stream.

Any "scent" can be "therapeutic" allowing you to relive memories of places, people or feel good moments...

Crystals vs. Wax?

If you spill your Crystals you can pick them up and put them back in Aroma Burner or vacuum up the mess. If you spill Melted wax it is not fun to clean up. When Crystals lose their scent they do not smell at all. When wax loses its scent smells like hot burning wax. Either product can be REFRESHED with more Fragrant Oil. Both Products work in any Aroma-burner/Wax pot/Diffuser. Water diffusers similar to a humidifier only need Fragrant Oil in the water.

What is the purpose of the Crystals?

To make your Fragrant Oil burn more evenly for a longer period of time.

How much area does it cover?

Really it’s unlimited, but takes time to travel down hallways…

How much Crystals are needed?

It’s not the quantity of Crystals that matters but rather the amount of Fragrant Oil on the Crystals. One container of Crystals is enough for up to 5 Aroma-Burners or over a year supply of refills.

Wax Burners tend to be large, only one layer or so of Crystals is needed.

How much Fragrant Oil should I use?

A full pipette of Fragrant Oil is suggested for a larger room and half pipette of Fragrant Oil for a smaller room. (of course your nose can be the judge…best to leave room and re-enter to get true sense of smell [we get desensitized to smells] )

Why does the color on my Crystals fade?

The color is added so I can identify product and the scents don’t get mixed up. The color will fade, it’s not important we only care about dust… in 4 or 5 months you can change them out (if you don’t care about dust … Just REFRESH with Fragrant Oil as needed)

How long does a pipette of Fragrant Oil last?

Depending on scent and temperature, approximately 10 hours, then you can REFRESH with different scent.

Fragrant Oil can be used for...

  • On body; sparingly.
  • Added to Lotion/massage oil.
  • Make Body Scrubs.
  • Add to Bath water.
  • Make or Refresh Candles.
  • Refresh Pot pourri.
  • Refresh Wax or Crystals for Aroma Burner/Scent Pot/Diffusers.
  • Use with diffuser reeds.
  • Car freshener.
  • Mix in spray bottle with filtered water.
  • Vacuum cleaner: Add few drops to foam in bottom of vacuum.
  • Laundry dryer balls
  • Toilet Paper (cardboard roll)

Electric vs. Tea light Aroma-burner?

Electric Aroma-burners can be left on 24 hours a day and used like a night light. (ours have dimmer switches) Tea Light Aroma-burners are portable and turn themselves off. (our Tea light candles burn approx. 5 hours)

Trouble shooting:

Can’t smell…

  • Do you have vaulted ceilings? Heat rises and your scent with it.
  • Did you add enough Fragrant Oil? Full pipette is suggested.
  • How tall is your Aroma-burner? If candle is exposed: air circulation may be interfering with heat getting to Crystals. (IE: ceiling fans, open windows too close)
  • Are you desensitized to same scent? Good or bad, we get used to a scent (IE: people who live near cows don’t smell them anymore) Change your scent for about a week then you can resume your favorite…
  • Air Purifiers clean all the air…Good smells included!

Crystals are turning black...

Too much Fragrant Oil added too quickly… Fragrant Oil is now under Crystals. Drip Fragrant Oil slowly on Crystals, we want Fragrant Oil in the Crystals not under…

Crystals are smoking...

Fragrant Oil under is getting too hot. Drip Fragrant Oil slower on top of Crystals, we want Fragrant Oil in Crystals; not under.

Should I add water to the Crystals?

The Crystals you bought from someplace else said to use water with Crystals: this will make a terrible mess foaming over edge of your aroma burner... Only one medium is needed to make your Fragrant Oil last longer:

  • Crystals and Fragrant Oil. or
  • Water and Fragrant Oil (but water evaporates quickly then you have to replace). or
  • Wax and Fragrant Oil (messy if you spill it).

We do not suggest Fragrant Oil by itself: it will burn too quickly and “fry” the Fragrant Oil leaving a brown burnt spot and altering the scent, in some cases people will get a headache from “burnt scent”

How do I use my Coffin Incense Holder?