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An Aroma Burner is a decorative unit that consists of a holder, tea light candle and a dish which allows you to warm Fragrant Oil to create a great aroma in any size room. As the tea light candle warms the dish containing the Oil, the fragrance is carried into the air for approximately 4 to 6 hours each time you use it. It is similar to burning incense sticks except there is no smoke, no ashes, you can control the strength of the aroma by how much Fragrant Oil you add, and you can turn off the Aroma Burner when you leave your home and relight the tea light candle when you return.

How to use your Aroma Burner:
1. Fill dish with crystals.
2. *Add pipette of a Fragrant Oil to crystals.
3. Light tea light candle.
4. Enjoy.

Please note: Water is not necessary with Crystals.

* Suggested amount of Fragrant Oil....Pipette is for a Living room or Family room size, less for Bed or Bathroom size.

Helpful Hint: Does your glass dish have a hard water build up? Use Vinegar to dissolve the build up or 409 and soft steel wool. Will not happen if you use Crystals instead of water.