16 oz. Fragrant Oil - Various Fragrant Oils

16 oz. Fragrant Oil - Various Fragrant Oils

Product Details

Refreshes crystals (or wax) 960 times!

Please note: Water is not necessary with Crystals. Wax can be used instead of crystals.

* Suggested amount of Fragrant Oil....Pipette is for a Living room or Family room size, less for Bed or Bathroom size. 

Use 5 drops per 100ml in water diffusers.

Additional ideas:

  • Add to water to spritz on body, linens or car
  • Add to favorite lotion to create custom fragrance
  • Add to bath water 
  • Add to dryer balls
  • Add to TP cardboard roll
  • Add to vacuum filter/sponge to fragrance air as you clean home
  • Can also be used to make soap or candles.